Massage Therapy

​Aromtherapy is added on with a massage for $10.00​​

Gift cards for sale at the price of a massage.


Rejuvenation Massage 

Deep Tissue

It helps release muscle tension and stress. It is designed to meet your needs as therapeutic massage. I also use Craniosacral release,  Reflexology, TMJ Release, that will reduces migraine headaches, which reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow to the heart muscles. 

60 minutes $65.00

90 minutes $85.00

Sports Massage

Designed to release tight muscles with stretching, using Trigger points, arms, and Range of motion, Lymph Drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy.

60 minutes $65.00

90 Minutes $85.00   


Foot massage developed on the principle that the feet are reflex areas that correspond to the body's various organs and glands. Hands also have reflex points. 

30 minutes $45.00

Hot stone massage

We used the stones to relax the muscle and gain more deeper type of relief to the muscle tension and relaxes body, mind and soul.

Add on to a regular massage for  $20.00